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Ecological approaches

Camping d’Auberoche, a friendly family campsite that’s also eco-responsible and committed to the environment.

We fell in love with this campsite, richly planted with trees in a natural setting, and since December 2022 we’ve been able to give it a new lease of life. Respect for the environment is very important to us. Aware of the impact of our activity on the ecosystem, we are committed to eco-responsible actions and decisions in the management of our campsite. We want you to join us in these actions to preserve the natural environment that surrounds us and provides us with the most pleasant setting for your vacations. Every year, we strive to improve our behavior and our facilities.

Every little gesture is important, and let’s all try, at our level, to have a few ecological attitudes committed to sustainable development.
This commitment is reflected in a number of areas: water management, energy management, waste management, site maintenance management…

Eco-responsible actions

Waste management, selective sorting

Sorting and composting our waste is essential and compulsory, and we're counting on you!

We have set up waste separation bins for household waste, glass and recyclable waste (plastic waste, various types of packaging, paper, cans, etc.) just before the campsite entrance.

We do our best to make sorting easier for you during your stay. In each accommodation we provide garbage cans for household waste and yellow bags for sorting all recyclable waste. We also provide them for each camper on the pitches.

You'll also find bio-bins for the composter in your accommodation or on each pitch.
We would like to thank you in advance for your investment in this eco-responsible approach.

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We have a number of compost bins where you can dispose of all your food scraps: vegetable and fruit peelings, egg shells, coffee filters and tea bags, paper towels, tissues, bread, vegetable and fruit scraps (without meat or fish), dairy products and small quantities of bread.

Composting is a natural process that transforms organic waste, reducing waste and providing a fertilizer for soil and plants that can be used on the campsite.

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Water management

Renewal of a large part of the water network in 2024.

Complete renovation of the sanitary block in 2023.

Installation of timed taps for showers, sinks and washbasins.

Our campers are encouraged to report any anomalies, especially water leaks. We take regular meter readings to detect any water leaks.

We encourage our campers to limit their water consumption (length and number of showers, washing up, not playing with water, no washing of vehicles).

Glass bottles have been placed in accommodation to avoid the use of plastic bottles.

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Managing energy consumption

Use of energy-saving light bulbs, gradually being replaced by LEDs.

Use of an electric cart to get around the campsite and gîtes, or on foot or by bike.

Educate holidaymakers: to turn off lights and heating when they leave their accommodation, and to turn off the heating when they open the windows.

Timer-controlled exterior lighting and lighting in bathrooms combined with presence detector lighting.

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But also

We mainly use ecological or natural cleaning products.

Landscaping of the campsite with natural respect for the diversity of tree and shrub species.

Preservation of areas in their natural state. Manual weeding or weeding with natural products. No pesticides or phytosanitary products. Use of compost for our flower beds.

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A few tips for eco-responsible vacations

  • Turn off the lights when you’re away, and don’t forget to turn off the patio lights at bedtime.
  • Pay particular attention to your water consumption.
  • Use radiators only when necessary, and remember to turn them off when you leave or if you leave doors and windows open.
  • Sort your waste and use composters.
  • Avoid disposable crockery and plastic water bottles, and don’t throw your garbage or cigarette butts out in the open. Dispose of used batteries in dedicated recycling bins.
  • In the sanitary facilities, don’t throw your garbage away and take it back to your pitch to be sorted, only throw toilet paper down the toilet, and when using the washing machine, choose the energy-saving programs.
  • Respect the environment around you and encourage young campers to adopt good environmental practices.

Help us to be irreproachable in our practices at our Dordogne campsite, and don’t hesitate to share your ideas for improving our ecological approach.